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Jun 12, 2014

Ladies of Hayfork Fire

Meet the women of the Hayfork Fire Department!

Category: Articles
Posted by: l.howell

The Hayfork Volunteer Fire Department currently boasts nine female firefighters, a group that comprises almost half of a department of 19.

Of this high number, Fire Chief Dave Loeffler says, “I am a firm believer that anyone can do what they want, and we actively recruit for everyone.”

According to Loeffler, having women on the Hayfork VFD, and in volunteer departments in general, isn’t unusual.

“We’ve had at least two women for the last five years, and we’ve had an average of about five women pretty consistently since the late '80s. Historically in the professional field females were very unusual, but in volunteer fire companies they’re not.”

Please follow the link for the full article with pictures.


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