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Document Recovery

Documents are very important to your well-being and can be damaged or destroyed as a result of a fire or other disaster. The following documents should be located if at all possible.


  • Birth Certificate                           
  • Credit Cards                           
  • Driver's Licenses                           
  • Title to Deeds                           
  • Bank Book                           
  • Stocks and Bonds                           
  • Insurance PoliciesWills                           
  • Military Discharge Papers                           
  • Medical Records                           
  • Passports                          
  • Death Certificate
  • Payment Books                        
  • Social Security Cards                        
  • Warranties                      
  • Marriage Papers                         
  • Income Tax Records                          
  • Divorce Decree                          
  • Auto Registration                          
  • Citizenship Papers                          
  • Title Cards                          
  • Animal Registration Papers                         
  • Prepaid Burial Contract

A good investment is a fire-proof safe that is UL rated for a minimum of 1 hour @ 1700°F. This is usually enough time for firefighters to extinguish a blaze. You will then be able to recover your perserved documents when it is deemed safe.

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