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Hayfork Volunteer Fire Departments equipment includes two enginestwo water tenderscommand vehicles and other specialized equipment for rescue and support functions. Fire Engines and other vehicles in the fire service are categorized, or "typed" (i.e. Type 1, Type 2) by capability to assist with resource ordering.  Resource typing provides emergency managers with the information they need to request and receive the specific resources to mitigate an emergency or disaster.








Unit 11: 2006 Rosenbauer custom Type 1 Fire Engine. This is the first engine out on all Sturcture Fires car accidents and over the bank calls. This engine  was purchased by a FEMA asistance Firefighters grant written by Mrs. Erin Flores, daughter of Roger and Nancy Cox of Hayfork. The grant provided $285,000.00 of the $300,000.00 purchase price. The engine was the first new vehicle in 42 years for the district. Carrying 750 gallons of water, five firefighters and capable of pumping 1250 gallons of water per minute was a significant improvement to the fire suppression fleet. Radio call number #3111






Unit 12: 2009 Ford F-350 4X4 crew cab. This unit was our first purchase using measure F funding. The unit was designed to replace Unit 4 as the primary EMS response rig. Our plan was to be able to exchange personel on fire assingments and provide additional transport room for firefighters to scene. Department personel installed all electronics and warning lamps. T/K signs and Graphics created our door logos using the logo on 3111. Radio call number #3151







 Unit 13: 2011 Ford F-250 4X4 pickup purchased in 2011, designed to be both a utility and command vehicle. Ordered with a bed liner and tool box, department personel again installed electronics and warning lamps. T/K Sign and Graphics again provided logos and lettering. This unit provides a command platform for all emergency operations, transportation to outside training for individuals and a way to haul tools and hose. Radio call number #3101









 Unit 15: 2013 International/Rosenbauer 4X4 Urban Interface Type 1  Fire Engine. This is the first engine out on Wildland Fires. Using a lease purchase agreement the district entered into agreement with Fire Trucks West to purchase this engine. Carrying 750 gallons of water, five firefighters and capable of pumping 1,001 gallons per minute this rig can handle wildland, structure fires or other incidents. Radio call number#3112.








Unit 16: 1990 Ford I-9000, 4000 gallon water tender. This is the newest addition to our fleet and although it is operational we continue to make improvements to better utilize this piece of equipment. Radio call number #3142

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